How Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby

Before becoming parents, your relationship with your partner was probably quite idyllic, but when the baby is born things can change considerably. Sleep deprivation, tiredness, and daily irritations can be quite damaging to your relationship. Some parents are quite reluctant to talk about their relationship after having a baby, because they may be somewhat disappointed. If this happens to you, don’t worry, it is temporary.

Things are not the same after the arrival of a baby, the family dynamics totally change. Although it is true that veteran parents do not tell the hard and cold truth to couples who will have babies, the reality is that the couple’s relationship can change considerably, although it is the duty of both members of the couple to work hard to become a good team all the time.

Sleepless Nights Are Different

Before having the baby, a sleepless night could mean intimate fun, going out for a cocktail or dinner with friends … Now, every minute counts (literally) because you will need to pay a babysitter to be able to sit on the sofa while your child sleeps and be calm or to be able to go out to disconnect for a while. And when the night comes, the minutes of sleep also count as if they were gold.

The Vision Of  The Breasts Change

As soon as the breasts are filled with milk to nurse the baby, the fun stops. The breasts hurt and the nipples more so they are no longer a fun for intimate nights. The only person who can touch the nipples without receiving a growl is the precious baby.

The Bad Mood Appears On The Scene

No matter how good a mood and calm personality you have with your partner, sleepless nights can take their toll on anyone’s mood. Lack of sleep can increase moodiness, frustration, and physical and mental discomfort. It takes a lot of mental work to be able to control those moments of frustration, but there will be times when you feel that you cannot control it. But remember, it is temporary and your baby needs you.

Small Acts Of  Kindness Are Appreciated

Many people think that they need great things in their lives to be able to value them, but nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t need big gestures to feel loved by your partner, and when a baby comes into the world you will realize this. Now, you will be able to cry with joy when your husband tells you that he is going to order takeout or when he gets up in the middle of the night so you can get a little more sleep. The tasks when you have a baby are shared because they should not be carried only by the mother, but those small gestures of kindness will make you see how your partner loves you more than he sometimes shows (due to fatigue).

You Rediscover Your Partner

It is not the same to know your partner as a couple without children than to know him as a father or mother. Although it is true that having a baby can be somewhat complicated at first and it may take a toll on your partner, it is temporary and can even strengthen you in the long run as a couple and a team. Being a parent also invites you to become a better version of yourself. Seeing your partner in action as a mother or father will make you feel proud of him / her. Now when you look at him you will see him differently, you will see him with different eyes and when you hug him, you will really feel that love that unites you and that has made you create the most wonderful being in your lives: your baby. Yes, you will fall even more in love.